Staying safe during the holidays

The holiday season has come around and it is the time of year for spending time with our loved ones.

This includes spending time at some familiar and unfamiliar places, which in recent weeks have both proven to carry security threats.

Recent events such as the California and Texas Church shooting, in such a familiar holiday haven, have proven that extra precautions are necessary to ensure that our safety is maintained, whatever situation we are in. We are once again forced to consider how we can keep ourselves and our families safe.

At this time of year, people, especially those of high status, can find themselves in numerous new locations: hotels, yachts, and private jets, even on vacations or holiday season business trips.

Standardized security at big events are designed to keep everyone safe in these places, however, risk assessments carried out by personal executive assistants is specifically catered to keeping an individual and associated people of interest safe.

Risk assessments are routine yet requisite procedures for qualified close protection officers, who are trained to perform militarised checks on each environment you find yourself in. Aside from risk assessment, the security does not end there and executive protection can be provided on a continuous basis as a close protection officer. As we have seen this year, any situation can become threatening, so whether it is a business event such as an expo, summit or EDC, executive protection is always beneficial and can be provided at your request.