Physical Security VS. Technological Security

Security will continue to be a growing issue and problem within our ever-changing world. Even more so when we are considering the safety of our friends and family. Which is why a large group of people rely on the different types of home security and public security alternatives. These can include home and public cameras all the way to security guards and alarm systems in private homes and corporate buildings.

The problem is that we tend to rely on these systems because we are told they are the best and most inexpensive way to protect our families and ourselves. This is not to say that these solutions are not sufficient but rather that there are other alternatives and ways to stay protected.

Security cameras can only see so much and you are required to put more of them up in order to cover the full spectrum of your home or a company building. Even with all of these cameras in place, there are still blind spots and there is potential for technical difficulty to occur. Alarm systems have become very advanced with motion sensors and heat sensors where even the slightest change in temperature or movement can trigger an alarm going off. Even the most advanced system has the potential to be hacked and can falter, which can leave you and your loved ones vulnerable. This is not just a problem in private homes we see the same issues happening in the corporate environment. The more we can be prepared and proactive about the potential threats the better.

Private security teams are there to fill the void that these technological advances may not be able to protect. Few people can afford having a high security team constantly at their private home, but there are certain times and events where they are needed. Especially when going on travels around the globe, that’s when a highly skilled team is at its best and is the best alternative to relying on the public security options. This is one way to be proactive about your protection, but an even more proactive solution is to have a team attempt to breach your security. This can come in two folds form a digital side and a physical side. Whether you are in a corporate setting or in your own home, having a team attempt to break into your physical or digital space allows you to find and plug up the holes, before an actual threat attempts to infiltrate your surroundings.

There are still certain things that advanced technology has yet to replace. There is no reason to leave yourself vulnerable with all of these tools at your disposal. Keep yourself, your family and the ones you love safe at all times.