How The Military Produces Effective Business Leaders by Security Boston International

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It is a proven fact that the military in any country breeds some of the world’s most effective and strategic leaders. There is a direct connection between the principles of leadership taught within the armed forces and the leadership principles that are being taught within any high ranking educational business institution. Many military leaders have left their posts and continued on in the business world, one of these people is Greg Alnutt and he recently published his views on the key takeaways that business leaders need to focus on in order to lead their organisation.

  • Although there are some great points throughout the article, I wanted to touch upon two that are quite important. The first being leading by example or not leading at all. I know this is a common one and something everyone preaches upon, and yet we still see a lacking in our society today. This skill can be applied to leading a country or to leading a team of 50. Regardless of the size as a leader you must be willing to do anything that the people you are leading would be asked to do. This does not mean having to be an expert in all things or be the best at every position, but having the knowledge, capability, and willingness to do even the minimalist of tasks, will make you a more effective leader and a highly respected one.

The second point involves planning, and how a good plan efficiently executed trumps a great plan that came too late. Many companies and their leaders wait until they believe they have the “perfect” plan before deciding to move forward. This is a mistake, perfection is hard to come by in any situation, let alone in an ever changing and ever growing business world. It is much more effective to take the lean startup approach and produce your minimum viable product, get it out to the market, and see what the outcome is. Same goes for making leadership decisions, come to a decision, execute that decision as aggressively and flawlessly as possible. Then learn, adapt, and grow from there. I believe Steve Blank said it best “no business plan survives first contact.”

Be a leader of purpose, a leader of action, and others will flock to you. You don’t become a leader by having followers, instead you grow, train and perfect your leaderships abilities, and followers will find you.