We provide quality private security consultants, who are quality citizens, veterans, and who’s core is built of honor.  Our next task, could be anything. Therefore, we prepare for everything.  We joined to protect, it’s who we are, it’s what we do.  We are veterans.  We are SB.

Being a Veteran owned company, we only deliver 100% highly trained professionals.  SB is an Elite Private Security service provider in Boston Massachusetts.

Bodyguard Private Security services in Boston Massachusetts

Bodyguard Private Security services in Boston Massachusetts

We provide round-the-clock close protection services for high profile individuals around the world. We provide elite security for our clients that require Maritime Security, Private Jet Security, Transportation Security for High-Value Commodities, and Marijuana Security.

Understanding our clients’ needs, Understanding our clients’ concerns, and Understanding our clients; We make our priority.

Providing an excellent experience, and complete security solution, that is why we are selected to work with Boston’s high-profile individuals.  With our Private Security Boston teams being comprised veterans, you know that your bodyguard has your personal interest as their number one priority.

While providing Executive Protection and other services such as, Executive Transportation for safe passage within the cannabis industry, our elite private security services set the gold standards.

♠ Assessment:

We start our thorough process by assessing the threat with a risk assessment. This assessment contains how to counter and overcome calculated complications.  Our elite security consultants help you attain the pieces of valuable information, and help you fully understand how the situation will be addressed.

♠ Deployment:

We have security teams on standby, awaiting to deploy anytime, with very little notice. Our security consultants are always ready to go.

♠ Adaptability:

Our Private Security team adapts to any changes while en route to your destination. Truly knowing the Boston Massachusetts area, and having forward support units in place, allows our bodyguard & Executive Protection teams to maneuver freely.

♠ Communication:

Our security operatives work and collaborate with local authorities, which increases awareness of potential situations and offer a fast, responsive support.

Private Security services in Boston Massachusetts

Private Security services in Boston Massachusetts

We have so much to prove, not to our clients, but to ourselves, that’s who we are, that’s how we continue to push the bar to excellence. Our clients enjoy our pristine level of professionalism that is not experienced with other private security companies in Boston.

Our teams at Security Boston are handpicked based on experience, skills, ability and temperament. We select only the right people to protect you. Our bodyguards work with High-profile Corporate Executives, C-level Executives, High Net Worth Individuals & VIPs.