Private Security Here and Now By Security Boston International

A large number of people feel that private security is reserved for only celebrities or individuals of high net worth. What most people don’t know is that private security actually outnumbers the police in most countries worldwide. You just may not notice them as they can be seen patrolling schools, conducting screenings at airports and of course guarding high profile clients. Currently the number of private security officers is around 20 million and the industry itself is worth nearly $180 billion. Specifically, in the United States there are nearly 1.1 million security guards and only 660,000 police officers.

These numbers were not always like this; the increase of private security did not happen until after some of the most recent wars around the world. During these wars, private contracts were filled by high level, military skilled private security guards. This was just the start of what caused the increase in the private security industry. There has also been an increase in the number of millionaires and billionaires around the world, due to the technology boom and the growth of new startups and unicorns in places such as Silicon Valley.

With more capital, there is a need for more security physically and digitally. Having more high net worth individuals in the world leads to more private armoured transport, an increase in digital monitoring and a need to feel more safe. Private security is no longer an industry of the future; it is a necessity here and now!