How will the legalisation of cannabis change our society?

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Over the past few years there has been a lot of conversation of the legalising of cannabis. Recently a group of German police has spoken out in saying that there has never been a completely drug free society in history, and that the decriminalisation of cannabis is actually promoting criminal careers. As a society, we need to figure out how the legalisation would affect certain institutions, such as the local police force and security. Would there be any enforcement and if so how would that look?

Due to the various strands of cannabis throughout the world and the different affects that this drug can have on individuals we must account for the proper security measure that will need to be in place. Whether this be in the public or private sector, there will be a call for new regulatory systems, beginning with fortune 500 companies and the usage of the drug in the work place. Continuing to the family led support organisations that are against drugs of any kind and are focused on the safety of our young children. How we will deal with this impending possibility will be based off the measures that we take today. The United States of America has taken some action by allowing certain bills to be passed in individual states, while Canada may be the first country to have complete legalisation.

In the future, will cannabis be totally legal or will it not? Will we even consider this a hard drug or will we find that the medical purposes outweigh the negatives? Only time will tell the direction this debate will take, but in a world where young teens are consuming cleaning solution for a challenge and using other medicines as an alternative to hard drugs, to feel some sort of sensation. One must stop and consider if we are asking the right questions and taking the right precautions. Security has never been a bigger issue than it is today, let’s come together, and make a strategic decision on how we will deal with our current problems and inevitable future.