How to encrypt your emails for free.

Here is a video by our Security Boston International team to show you how to help protect your emails. The fascinating thing about emails is that the system was never built with encryption in mind.

Questions that one may ask: Why is encrypting your email important?

How we answer this question. You want to write a critical letter, writing it on a postcard, and placing it in the mail is not private. Anyone who wants to read the postcard, can. This is what happens without encryption.

We use Comodo to grant our emails, a secure signature, and encryption to those that also use the same protocols.

Questions that one may ask: What if they do not use encryption?

One of the things that we like about using this method is that anyone who receives an email, knowns that it is from our team. This is because our emails have a secure signature.

Why is this important?

When we send an email, it has a secure stamp on the email, which means the person receiving the email knows it is not fraudulent.