More Money More Problems: The Risk of Being A High Net Worth Individual

We are currently living in a world where being a millionaire before the age of 30 is no longer a rarity but rather in overly popular trend. Not only that but The Wall Street Journal came out with the 2017 statistic of the pay for the S&P 500 CEO’s, their median salary reaching $12.1 million. Having all this money sounds great and wonderful but to quote the Notorious B.I.G with “more money comes more problems”.

Forbes has released countless articles on the problems that may come with having a high net worth, including threats like assault, kidnapping, blackmail, and burglary. As we have seen throughout the years these are not just empty threats, with the Kim Kardashian burglary in France we know that the fears of the rich and powerful are very serious.

The rise of big data and internet of things does help with this topic but not necessarily in a positive way. Addresses are easily found, pictures of entire family lines, floor plans of private compounds and every cell phone can be hacked. Having these capabilities makes high net worth individuals an easy target for international criminals looking to make their fortune the illegal way. Although it seems like we are living in a terrifying world where there are no safe zones, or nothing you can do to protect yourself, your family, and your capitol. This is not the case there are many options and steps that you can take to ensure your safety.

Turning to a group of security advisers is the best way to develop the right tools and methods needed to keep you safe. If you are someone who likes to be as hands on as possible, these advisers can instruct you in evasive driving techniques if you are ever in a chase or fear that you are being followed. For your personal home, you can create rooms that are super secure or even have keyless entry be the main choice of entrance into your home. If you are truly looking to be as secure as possible then a combination of a risk assessment on all your current properties and digital accounts, mixed with a private security team is your best option. This guarantees protection on all fronts whether you are in need of hand to hand combat or algorithms that protect your most private information.

The oath of enlistment requires every military personnel to swear to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Having these constituents at your disposal will bring a sense of ease to your life. From globetrotting around the world to having a night in with the family, don’t let yourself be at risk, stay safe and stay protected.