Embracing the Global Village

The 21st century global village opens up countless opportunities for businesses to reach out to clients and consumers around the world. CEOs and business leaders must embrace this intercontinental culture if they are to keep ahead of the competition. Networking for the purpose of business development is essential. Meetings between company executives in Hong Kong, New York and London are commonplace as success in the global market demands flexibility around working hours and location of business.

Increasingly, company leaders no longer operate solely within the confines of the regular 9-5. They may have an office-based Skype meeting scheduled at 10pm with a valuable client in a different time zone. For CEOs, a successful business typically requires frequent out of hours working, often alone, and a preparedness to travel beyond their city and country of domicile.

With such travel comes a particular type of vulnerability, as high profile business leaders and their clients make tracks across the country and globe to collaborate, share ideas, negotiate deals and develop their professional networks. The last thing that should be on any CEOs mind is their personal safety and the security of the data rich devices they are carrying. However, the very thing that powers an individual’s high degree of freedom to operate within a global village — the internet — also allows almost anyone to find out who anyone else is and where they are at a given time.

High net worth individuals can no longer rely on the measures they alone take to protect their privacy and to protect the confidential data stored or accessible from their portable devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets. As human beings, we like to assume that other people live their lives according to the good moral codes that we ourselves uphold. However, this is not always the case. The online platforms that facilitate productive global networking and business transactions can just as easily be utilized for criminal purposes. The very nature of the internet means that it is impossible to always fully control the type of information made available about a person. Innocent photographs or comments on social media can reveal a lot about where a CEO is and by the same token where he/she is not.

Protecting high net worth individuals is a skill, which Security Boston International is expert in. Executive protection is not just about providing a physical presence to respond to potential or actual threat. It is about being able to understand the needs of individual CEOs in this present political and economic climate, as well as knowing the risks that come with the necessity of operating on a global platform. Executive protection at this level requires both emotional intelligence and strategic thinking, as well as exceptional tactical skills and mental focus.

When a CEO steps off an 8 hour flight into a foreign country to negotiate a big deal with valuable clients, the last thing he/she needs to be thinking about is his/her personal safety. This is where executive protection really comes into its own. The expertise in situational analysis, physical response and mental endurance demonstrated by Security Boston International personnel is second to none. Security Boston International thinks about the safety of high net worth individuals and their assets so that they don’t have to. We do what we do best so that business leaders can do what they do best, enabling everyone to take advantage of the profitable opportunities that come with living in a global village.