Our People

Mark  K

Chief Executive Officer 

Mark is a former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer (Green Beret) and West Point Graduate with an extensive amount of valuable years of military experience and multiple deployments to highly-volatile environments.  He is fluent in the Arabic Language and holds a wide-range of skills and decorations for his military service, including graduating from the following schools: Sniper, Ranger, Sapper, Reconnaissance & Surveillance, and Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat, and Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE).

Mark’s deployment experience includes training foreign Special Forces (SF) on counter-terrorism operations, base security, personal defense, and intelligence collection.  Having worked closely with U.S. and foreign agencies, dignitaries (PSD) and VIPs, Mark is uniquely qualified to build consensus despite language, social, and cultural differences.

Dan  Magoon

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Dan Magoon is a committed and driven community leader who has successfully led nonprofit, Massachusetts Fallen Heroes, for 8 years growing into a multimillion dollar nonprofit.

Magoon’s proudest accomplishment as executive director occurred in May of 2016, when the organization unveiled a 50-foot public tribute in South Boston’s Seaport Common. The Massachusetts Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Heroes Memorial is the first of its kind in the nation. It is a powerful and refined beacon of light, a five-sided diaphanous column signifying the branches of the Service, looming above the trees in the park and reaching for the sky acknowledging the sacrifice these service members have made.

Magoon began his service with the United States Army as a Paratrooper in 2003 and completed combat deployments between Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2007, Magoon concluded his service with the rank of Sergeant. Upon receiving an honorable discharge from the United States Army, Magoon joined the Boston Fire Department and served the City of Boston for 11 Years. He currently resides in Dorchester, Massachusetts with his wife Megan and two sons, Conrad and Winston.

Hank  Naughton

Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Hank has served as a JAG Officer with US Army in Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Africa, Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe. In this capacity he has been Chief of Rule of Law Operations, Rules of Engagement and Law of Armed Conflict Advisor at the Brigade and Joint Task Force level.

In his civilian career, Hank served as a member of the US Department of State International Security Advisory Board.  In this position, he served in an advisory capacity to Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry in areas of public diplomacy, counterterrorism and Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA) among other subject matter areas.

Hank has also served as a Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and as House Chair of the Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security. He has practiced law on the State and Federal level for 25 years, maintaining a private law practice, including as Chief Counsel to a group of former members of Congress conducting domestic and international development activities.

Charles Nettleship

Board Advisor

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Nettleship (Retired) served in the US Army as a Combat Engineer and Joint Operational Planning Officer. His last assignment was with the US European Command-Joint Reserve Element as the J9 Interagency Partnering Directorate Team Chief.  He has extensive business experience in continuity of operations, international security cooperation, force protection and converged (cyber and physical) security solutions.

Chuck was Senior Manager-Homeland Security, Business Development, and Strategy at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. In this capacity, he was responsible for linking technological, engineering and security solutions to maritime, border and public safety in the Middle East and North Africa.  He enabled cross-business collaboration for adjacent security markets in domestic and international Persistent Surveillance Systems, multi-domain software, and robotics.

Chuck managed small, medium and large businesses development delivering integrated security solutions for maritime, land borders, ports, critical infrastructure protection, cyber threat intelligence, and is an active member of the InfraGard community. Chuck holds an MBA, an BA in Political Science, and an AS in Criminal Justice.

Eric Curtis

Board Advisor

Eric is the founder and President of Curtis Strategy, an innovative consulting firm committed to delivering results that achieve greater capacity and impact for the Leaders and Organizations they serve.

For over a decade Eric has led Curtis Strategy in a collaborative effort, alongside business and nonprofit leaders across the country, addressing their most complex and challenging issues, guiding them in achieving change and sustained success. They have advised colleges and universities, healthcare and human services agencies, and many professional agencies. Within the last several years, Eric has grown the company, hiring additional Team members to accommodate for the increase in client demand. Most recently, Curtis Strategy has developed the Tier 1 Leader Program, a virtual executive coaching (EC) program focused on unlocking the potential of individual leaders and maximizing their performance.

Eric earned his B.S. in Accounting from Norwich University and his MBA from Suffolk University. He currently serves on the Board of Directors (BoD) for the Massachusetts Health Council and is an adjunct professor at Suffolk University’s Graduate Business School.

Neal Duckworth

Board Advisor

Neal is a former US intelligence officer( USIO). He spent nearly 23 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and served in numerous conflicts, including twice as a NATO peacekeeper in Bosnia-Herzegovina pursuing indicted war criminals; re-establishment and securing the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan; and as a combat advisor with the Iraqi Army in Ramadi during the Al Anbar Awakening.

He retired as head of CounterIntelligence and Human Intelligence (C/HI), and then served as a Managing Director (MD) in an intelligence consulting firm supporting the Department of Homeland Security, National Reconnaissance Office, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Neal joined the federal service as a Senior Counterintelligence Officer with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and led the development of numerous Intelligence Community Directives before leaving public service for Harvard University.

His expertise in security covers the spectrum of physical, personal, information, cyber, and more, and he has served as a “gray beard” senior consultant for Defense Intelligence Agency and a technical expert for the High-Value Interrogation Group.  He speaks often on intelligence, espionage, and security issues.

Sean Heron
HUMINT (Human Intelligence / Source Operations)

Director of Analytics & Intelligence

Sean former UK Elite Royal Marines Commando (Green Beret) who left in 2013, having completed over a decade of service, with more than 4 years’ in specifically conducting source handling operations in high pressured and sensitive environments such as Afghanistan in the private security sector.  These included tours as a HUMINT controller, Intelligence Liaison Officer and Intelligence instructor. Sean was also on attachment to a non-military organization.

Upon leaving the military, Sean joined a commercial consulting company, undertaking HUMINT mentoring duties in Afghanistan, before taking responsibility for the Program Management of the Eastern region of the country. The programs Sean has managed have significantly improved the indigenous Intelligence capacity, and enhanced the capability of the local forces to defeat the insurgent and terrorist threats.

Andres  L

Technology Officer (TO)

Andres served four years in the United States Marine Corps. Upon completion of basic infantry school, he received extensive infantry weapons training with handguns, light machine guns, heavy machine guns, and explosive.

Throughout his four years in the Marine Corps, he was involved in combat operations in both Iraq and Africa.
Andres has received citations for his courage and commitment to his team and unit for his capability to lead under pressure and repelling enemy assaults.

Andres has served in the private security (PSD) for a decade plus. Serving for companies in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Andres also has a bachelor’s degree of science in Information Security. He holds a minor in Homeland Security and has remarkable years of experience in both IT and IS.

Kristian V

Operations Coordinator 

Kristian is an Experienced and competent Team Leader (TL) within the commercial security industry, formally serving as a Team Commander in the UK’s Elite Royal Marine Commando (Green Beret).
Specializing in weaponry and combat situations, working on numerous operations around the globe.

Since leaving the military becoming an established figure in the commercial security industry.  Responsible for a 15 man high profile Security Escort Team (CPO), providing protection to personnel of the United States Government, including the 2 Star in country Commanding General. Tasks include leading team missions, mission planning, liaison with Local National Agencies, U.S Military Commanders and the safety of high-ranking British Embassy officials.

Kristian with extensive experience in Maritime security (MSO)(SSO), Advising and training Masters and crews of vessels in security procedures in the High-risk area (HRA), also obtaining a high level of security clearance (DV).


Security & Training Consultant

Sam, Law Enforcement Agent & weapons instructor(WI), has years of military and law enforcement experience.  He currently works for a US Government organization tasked with Counter-Terrorism and is a graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.
Before becoming a US Federal Agent, Sam served as a combat arms (infantry) soldier for the US Army. Sam is highly decorated, for his military service, which includes a multitude of tasks in hostile environments such as conducting counter-insurgency and security missions in Iraq. Sams experience also expands across the globe conducting deployments in Kosovo working alongside NATO in security missions.

Sam served on a dedicated Protective Security Team (PST), detailed as vehicle Team Leader (TL) conducting protective missions for DoD and OGA (other government agency) in hostile environments. This granted Sam with a wide range of skills and experience in conjunction with being a certified firearms instructor on multiple weapon platforms.

Sapphire E
Chief Editor

Content Editor

Sapphire is an experienced creative content writer and editor. Her work includes producing and editing content for charities, arts organisations and independent businesses. She is a Cambridge graduate with a first class degree and postgraduate qualifications in Law, Music and Speech Sciences.

Sapphire is able to work with both technical and scientific data and has experience of academic proofreading in the fields of business and science. She is proficient in French and has additional knowledge of Spanish, German, Arabic and British Sign Language.